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This number is read as "-one (-eight-six-six-) -three-seven-one--three-two-three-two-"
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Neutral they called again, it wasn't clear what they were saying. 25.04.2019
Neutral Left message stating I have a student load requiring a payment plan but I do not. Called back and no answer. 26.04.2019
Neutral Left message something about repayment on a loan 27.04.2019
Neutral Received a voicemail from someone named Jessica Thompson in relation to a Government Student Loan. I never had a loan so I didn't call back. She also left a reference number. 29.04.2019
Neutral Its a scam! Usually im pretty good at spotting scams, but they called me numerous times, while i simultaneously was making changes to my loan term. When i spoke to them, they gained access to my account by asking for a text code...basically they blindly go to the "forgot password" link, ask that it be set via text to you and ask you for the code. As soon as i did this..i immediately received an email from my legit loan provider stating that they would never ask me for this code. So i changed the code while still in the phone with them... which confused them because they got locked out. But they kept talking about consolidating my loan and ultimately asked fir my banking information to "get me started". I told the person that they werent getting my banking info and was immediately hung up on! Ive since blocked the number, but it hasn't stopped different people from leaving the same message every day regarding federal loans and recent changes they want to inform me about. 30.04.2019
Neutral Called left a message about a federal student loan and setting up payments. Jessica Thompson gave a reference number. I don't have a loan so I did not call back. 01.05.2019
Neutral Called from Bardstown, KY from number 502-373-5117. Said was Fed Student Loan (I don't have!!) related - cited a fake reference number 909902 to use when calling back. Needless to say, I won't be calling back. 01.05.2019
Neutral A Jessica Thompson left me a VM and requested I call her back at to discuss my student loans and recent federal regulations, She even left me a reference code for when I would call her back. Seems like a scam to me. 01.05.2019
Neutral Gave me a reference code of 909902 01.05.2019
Neutral I've received calls from this number several times a month - just like many other people here it is always from "Jessica Thompson" supposedly about my federal student loans and leaving a reference code. I can tell it is a scam, but I worry about how many people they end up scamming considering how legit it sounds compared to most. 02.05.2019
Neutral I also received a VM from Jessica Thompson about my student loans. Phone number 866 371-3232 and ref # 909902. I had loans that I paid back many years ago. When I heard the VM I almost panicked. I thought maybe someone was going to tell me that it turned out I had not paid everything off. I am glad I decided to check the phone number out first. If I hadn't, I might have fallen for this scam. It sounded so legit. 02.05.2019
Neutral I received a call stating they needed to discuss my student loan. I knew it was a scam because I graduated college in 1982 and I have no student loan. I googled the number and it showed possibly scammer 02.05.2019
Neutral It's funny that "Jessica" leaves the same reference number for everyone. 03.05.2019
Neutral rec'd VM from cell phone #615-680-7289 Jessica Thompson to call about repaying my student loans she gave fake reference number 909902 said to call phone #866-371-3232. I never had a student loan so this is a SCAM, they are just trying to get your bank account of credit card info to SCAM you. SCAM SCAM SCAM get a real job. 03.05.2019
Neutral Jessica Thompson calling about a federal student loan. I don’t have any loans, student loans, federal loans, etc. I really wish they would stop. This is the first time I’ve gotten this call but I get others about more things that have nothing to do with me or my life. This needs to stop. 04.05.2019
Neutral same as everyone "Jessica Thompson" called left VM with same reference number 909902. I have no student loans outstanding, I'm have tempted to call back just to play with them, someone send it to scammersrevolt 06.05.2019
Neutral Rec'd a call from Jessica Thompson regarding my outstanding federal loans. I thought it was a scam because I just made a payment on mine to Navient, who actually holds my loan. I got the same reference number everyone else did too #909902. 06.05.2019
Neutral same - received VM from Jessica Thompson - and with the same reference number stated above several times - 909902. scam! 06.05.2019
Neutral Left message that they needed to discuss my federal student loans call and gave reference number 909902. Total scam 06.05.2019
Neutral Jessica called me too. With the same code 909902. I called from my work phone and it scary how it sounds legit. I pressed the do not call prompt. Even though it was my work phone... 07.05.2019
Neutral It’s a scam they keep calling talking about a federal student loan and repayment plan with out referencing a loan service. They’re trash scammers and have nothing better to do 07.05.2019
Neutral Major SCAM!!! I got the exact same message with the exact same Ref. # 909902 that all the others got! If there really is a Jessica Thompson, she should be ashamed at trying to scam so many people! 07.05.2019
Neutral Likewise, received a call from "this" Jessica Thompson. In the VM, there was a pause before the person spoke. Oddly, I did not see this call come in as a "missed call". Interesting how this call was not recorded as missed, being that I did not answer the call, but a VM was recorded. This is very sad! Sometimes, I wish folks like these would get a taste of their own medicine-- 100-folds. 07.05.2019
Neutral This person named Jessica Thompson kept calling me and said she needs to discuss with me on the student loan repayment options. The thing is I paid off my student loan years ago and there is NOTHING to discuss. I think this is scam call. 07.05.2019
Neutral Fake.. My client just call,ed me scared asking about a loan he doesn't have. the number that contacted him was ref#909902 and phone number 866-371-3232 07.05.2019
Neutral Same Jessica Thompson and reference number. Thanks to all who posted so I knew it was fake. 07.05.2019
Neutral Have been receiving calls with the same message from Jessica same reference number as everyone else. I decided to call back today from a different number than they called from and to block my number as I called back. I dos get the name of the company as being the student help center. No other info except that they are not with the dept of education 07.05.2019
Neutral Got a call from Jessica Thompson and ref #909902, Thought it was real but glad I looked it up because she does sound legit. Can't wait to mess with her when she calls me back again tomorrow. So sick of scams. 08.05.2019
Neutral I received a voicemail from Jessica, who also gave me the reference number of 909902, calling in regard to my student loans. I think this is the 2nd call of this type I received. The first time I actually called my student loan processor to check to see if they had contacted me and they verified that they HAD NOT. She called me from 2014648891, and asked me to call back 8663713232 This is a scammer, dont fall for it. 08.05.2019
Neutral I have had several messages (I screen all calls) by this caller. She also gave me the same case number, 909902. None of my family members have ever had a student loan. It is a scam! I thought about calling back to, kindly, tell her she had the wrong number. I decided to check the number online. This page is the first result of my search. 09.05.2019
Neutral Left a voicemail with the reference number saying that my student loan had some changes. I have no student loans so I did not call her back. This is the second time I've had this. 09.05.2019
Neutral I got the same ref # 909902 , I'm guessing it's a recording that makes it sound like it's real time. Also they never state my name so I knew off the bat that was fishy. 10.05.2019
Neutral Same nonsense,same ref.number.Claims I have a federal student loan due which is BS.Never had a federal loan,payed off my bank student loans 40 years ago.Do these idiots just keep this nonsense up until they can find someone to prey on? 11.05.2019
Neutral She calls several times and left always a message on my voicemail.. It’s a scam they keep calling talking about a federal student loan and repayment plan with out referencing a loan service. They’re trash scammers! That's really annoying!!! I wonder who is selling the phone numbers. Can't imagine that these are random numbers. 13.05.2019
Neutral Says this is Jessica Thompson calling about your federal student loan. Wants to discuss repayment options. Reference #909902. SCAM!!! Beware. I have never had a federal student loan. 13.05.2019
Neutral I have received 3 phone calls from the same woman, but every time she leaves a voicemail she uses a different name. This time it was jessica Thompson. I also got a different reference number each time. Calls from a different California number each time as well but leaves this number as the call back number!! 14.05.2019
Neutral Looks like we all have the same student loan (reference number 909902) to repay! Because I have no student debt, I looked this up to see if it was legit and she just had the wrong phone number or if it was a scam. "Sc_m". I'd like to solve the puzzle Pat! 14.05.2019
Neutral Received multiple calls from Jessica Thompson about a fake student loan. She wanted to discus payment plan for a fake loan, reference # 909902. she asked to call back to 866-371-3232. 14.05.2019
Neutral Called about student loan repayments! Scam don’t have any student loans ! Hope they end up in prison for a long time 14.05.2019
Neutral Hi this is Jessica, and I’m calling in reference to your student loan”…… THIS IS A SCAM. I’m so sick of these calls because I’ve already blocked these numbers and they seem to have a way of finding me.Ignore it. Ignore. Ignore. Ignore 14.05.2019
Neutral This is such a scam! Any outstanding loans whether they're student or anything else, would show up on your credit report. Check your credit report before you call back anyone asking about repayment options. 14.05.2019
Neutral left message about student loans ref number 909902.. Don't have any loans. Called number back auto call. I. Blocked number 15.05.2019
Neutral Got a call from a woman stating the name Jessica Thompson regarding my federal student loan and recent changes. Also provided a reference number (to make it easier when I call back) Not going to call back, I do not have federal student loans! The number that was shown when she called was 702.620.5995 15.05.2019
Neutral I received the same call just now from a Chepachet, RI number. First sign it was a scam was that she didn't state my name at all nor who she worked for. Second was the phone number she was calling from does not match the number I was told to call back. Third, I was given the same reference number: 909902. This is the second time I've gotten either this exact message or one very similar to it. Be careful, everybody! I was worried when I got the first message since I actually do have federal student loans in repayment. 15.05.2019
Neutral both scammer and collection agency. she says, referencing my unpaid college loan. I graduated from college in 1965 and never used college loan. she's definitely a scammer or a stupid scammer and debt collector. lol. 15.05.2019
Neutral calling referencing unpaid college loan.. also another tel # is (724) 603 8403, be careful or block the call. 15.05.2019
Neutral Thought it was a wrong number since I never had a student loan. Called back and the number doesn't even ring. 16.05.2019
Neutral Oh my gosh I am so glad I googled this number 866-371-3232 Jessica had left me a message too and my reference number was also 909902! My Daughter just graduated college and I thought the call was for real! 17.05.2019
Neutral I received two separate voicemails from two different numbers, first voicemail said she was Jessica Thompson and it was in reference to my federal student loan, which I am a student but do not currently have a student loan, getting by so far without having to apply for one, left a phone number of 866-306-1414 and a reference number of 909902 like everyone else, I never called back, Called again 3 weeks later and left the same exact voicemail only saying her name was Karen Anderson and she left a phone number of 866-371-3232 and a different reference number of 707709! Nice try!! 17.05.2019
Neutral Needed to talk to me about my federal loans. Things have changed on the payment plan. Even gave me a ref # Even sounded like a real person was talking with a call back 866 371 3232 17.05.2019
Neutral called from number (866) 371-3232 from Frostproof, FL. Left voice mail about student loan restructuring. provided reference number. Obvious scam as my student loans are administered by NelNet on behalf of the DoE... 20.05.2019
Neutral I received the exact same call today form Jessica Thompson, using the exact same ref# of 909902 in regards to a Federal Student Loan. Scam 20.05.2019
Neutral Received the same call today from a Jessica Thompson. She asked me to call back regarding my Federal Student Loan with a ref# of 909902. Same as many of the above complaints. Got to be a scam. I would not call back at all. 20.05.2019
Neutral Total scam. Don’t people have better things to do. There are so many easier ways to make easy legit money online. 20.05.2019
Neutral Called about federal student loan repayment. Do not have student loans. It's definitely a robocall but they do a good job of making it sound like its not. Received this message in the past at least twice. 20.05.2019
Neutral Called saying I had a student loan and the reference number was 909902 and I should call her back to make arrangements, glad I looked up phone, and found this site. Looks like, a SCAM. 20.05.2019
Neutral Got a call from Jessica Thompson saying that she was trying to collect on a student loan I paid off last year. Knew it was not legitimate because I have a letter saying that the loan was satisfied. I was not surprised that it was a scam. By the way same reference number and phone number lol 21.05.2019
Neutral Received a voicemail from this lady about my student loan and "new repayment options" with a reference number given. All my communication re: my student loan is via email and the company I work with will not call me and ask for information by phone. SCAMMER 22.05.2019
Neutral Same comment as everyone else here. Called about a federal student loan. I do not have one. Gave me the same reference number 909902 just like everyone here. Sounds convincing voicemail. Don't fall for it. 23.05.2019
Neutral Received a voicemail yesterday from Jessica at 866-371-3232 regarding payment options for my Federal student loan. I started college 50 years ago! I have no outstanding student loans. I hope this unidenified company is tracked down and punished for this scam. 24.05.2019
Neutral Same phone number ,, same name (Jessica Thompson) same reference number 909902--called me about a student loan too--want a real laugh--I'm 65 and so is my husband and retired...A little late Jessica! Seriously, we never had a student loan even 47 years ago!!! 06.06.2019
Neutral I also received the same messages, I'm so glad I checked out your comment. I almost called them since I go have student loans. Funny this Jessica left me the same ref#909902. 14.06.2019

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