Phone Number:+1 (866) 404-2870

This number is read as "-one (-eight-six-six-) -four-zero--four--two-eight-seven-zero--"
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Neutral This Casimir K Toton from Cheboygan Michigan is the idiot doing this, this is who the originating phone numbers are all registered with. Just timeshare idiots trying to spread the stupid. 01.11.2018
Neutral Said they were from the IRS-saying they suspended my SS # do to fraudulent activity! These people must think we are idiots -lol 12.02.2019
Neutral Just received a robo call stating that they had suspended my social security number due to fraudulent activities. Total scam. 13.02.2019
Neutral Automated call that claimed that my SSN had been suspended. I pressed 1. A guy answered and claimed he was with the investigative department of the IRS. He began asking for personal info. I told him that I expected him to know that info, since they had called me. He hung up. 14.02.2019
Neutral Calls from 866-404-1828 and 866-404-1729 saying they are from the IRS and that my SSN has been compromised. 15.02.2019
Neutral saying they suspended my social security #. told them that they are bullshit artists and to fuck off 15.02.2019
Neutral Called today claiming they were with social security department and that my social security number was compromised and has been suspended. 16.02.2019
Neutral Received call Friday 2/15/2019 claim social security administration regarding MY SOCIAL SECUITY NUMBER they have found a warrant of arrest asked he what it said he hung up. Yesterday got voicemail Claim they now have suspended my social secuitty number because suspicious activity Very bad grammer 17.02.2019
Neutral Got a call from (866) 404-3714. Left automated voice message saying they had found fraudulent activities on my SSN 19.02.2019
Neutral Got a call today from 866-404-3714 stating my SSN was inactivated due to fraud. They left a vm. 19.02.2019
Neutral Same as recent comments above. Got a call today from 866-404-3714 stating my SSN was inactivated due to fraud. 19.02.2019
Neutral Got a call today from 866-404-1211 stating my SSN was inactivated due to fraud. 19.02.2019
Neutral This call came in as 866-404-2928, from fake IRS caller. Saying my SS number had been suspended due to suspicion 19.02.2019
Neutral Same as above left voicemail stating my ss# had been suspended. 19.02.2019
Neutral recording that Social Security Number was suspended press 1 for more details 19.02.2019
Neutral I was called several times today from a variety of these 404 area code numbers. Always a recording of a male voice stating that my social security number was being used fraudulently. 19.02.2019
Neutral Fake social security administration saying my account is locked multiple times a day 20.02.2019
Neutral For the past 2 days every hour or two 866 404 . .. claim to be SSA and my SS# has been frozen due to fraudulent activities. I block the # then they call with different last four digits. 20.02.2019
Neutral Same thing just happened to me! I asked for supervisor immediately and he said he was and I asked him for my name since he called and he hung up! Claimed he was from social security and my SSN WAS SUSPENDED. It was first automated then the guy came on. 20.02.2019
Neutral IRS-social security number suspended. 866-404-8912 SCAM 20.02.2019
Neutral Caller stated my Social Security number had been compromised so he suspended it. He then wanted me to verify my home address, phone number, place of employment, salary, etc... I do not disclose anything and told him I would contact the local Social Security office myself in person... he then hung up on me! People don't fall for these phone calls. 20.02.2019
Neutral Same as above, SS scam (866)404-8955 & 404-9326 20.02.2019
Neutral I received calls from the same two numbers that you mentioned above. I don't answer the calls but they leave voice mails telling me that my social security number has been suspended. I blocked the numbers. I won't answer any future calls that start with 866-404 and will continue to block them. I hope that these people go to jail. 20.02.2019
Neutral Caller recording from 866 404-8998 said my account was suspended due to fraudulent activity 20.02.2019
Neutral similar number 866-404-9533. Person with Indian Accent claimed to be with SS investigations office. Said his name was Eric Shaw. Hung up in call. 21.02.2019
Neutral Recieved call stating my social security number has been suspended due to suspicious activity. For me to call back. 21.02.2019
Neutral I got a call today from them saying (automated) my ss number was taken and they were from fraud division, when i spoke to someone with Indian accent they said: "hello" I said "you called me, what do you want" - they hung up. 21.02.2019
Neutral received this voice message this PM: the message repeated twice :1:57 PM Call from our department is to inform you that we just suspend your social security number because we found some suspicious activity. So if you want to know about this case, just press one. Thank you. This call is from the Department of Social Security Administration. The reason you have received this phone call from our department is to inform you that we just suspend your social security number because we found some suspicious activity. So if you want to know about this case, just press one. Thank you. 21.02.2019
Neutral I used my precious time to call back. . Only heard message as the number you called and disconnected. 21.02.2019
Neutral call came from 866-404-2943 to a State of Florida office stating that one of our employees' social security number was suspended due to fraudulent activity (no such thing....) 25.02.2019
Neutral Called saying my SSN was suspended and that they were calling from the IRS. It was a recorded message. 25.02.2019
Neutral 866-404-2998~Said they were from the IRS-saying they suspended my SS # do to fraudulent activity! 25.02.2019
Neutral Same call as others. Stated my SS was suspended. Called twice from this number today and once from 866-404-2922 25.02.2019
Neutral I didn't answer the phone because I suspected a scam. I received an SMS right after the call with the same MI as above: SSN compromised. It even said to call and listen to a message at (360) 842-4003. Like I'm going to call! NOT!!! 26.02.2019
Neutral Said calling from social security and there was suspicious activity on my account. I hung up and checked this web site . Thanks 27.02.2019
Neutral From the notes above, this caller possibly represents a crime ring. They are claiming that suspicious activity is associated with your SS number and to press 1 to learn about the lillicit activity. DO NOT PRESS A 1 OR RESPOND. This just confirms to the crime ring that you are connected with your number. Your number will then be passed on to other criminals. Report immediately as fraud to SSA. Let's shut 'em down. Verizon and so many other major carriers are aiding and abetting these crime rings by refusing to block access of these criminals using known numbers to access the the phone comany's customers. The companies LOVE your getting billable time from robocallers and Verizon et al. could care less if criminals scam you out of your savings. 27.02.2019
Neutral Following my comment above, this criminal ring is using a computer with multiple numbers one being 866-404-3956 and another being 866 404-6765. Phone carrier corporations KNOW what this ring id up to--complaints date back for a couple of years, but wireless provider companies like Verizon WILL NOT lift a finger to stop it. The more scam calls you get on your billable account, the more these corporate sleaze artist make. Remember, it was Verizon and others who SOLD your number to crime rings and scam artists. These criminals couldn't have done this without the corporations selling your information and our corporate government ensuring that they can do this without your knowledge or permission. 27.02.2019
Neutral Got 2 calla in about 30 minutes (beofre I blocked them) saying he was from "the department of social security administration" and that my my social security number was suspended because they have found suspicious activity. HAHAH! What a joke. 01.03.2019
Neutral Stayed they were suspending my social security number 01.03.2019
Neutral Called from (866) 404-8032 left voicemail saying they were from the dept of Social Security and that my Social Security number was suspended due to fraudulent activity. My first clue was that they don’t refer to themselves as ‘dept of’ , they are Social Security Administration. Then I went looking for comments and scam info like this site. It saddens me that these criminals must make enough money at these scams that they have been doing them for so long!! 04.03.2019
Neutral Had a recorded message saying that my social security number was suspended for suspicious activity. They had a recorded message that sounded real. Than I was transferred to an operator with a foreign accent and hung up. I checked online and this number is a scam. Figures. They almost got me. We have to remember IRS or Social Security would not call they send letters first. 04.03.2019
Neutral I have gotten 4 call from these idiots within a matter of two hours instructing "we've noticed suspicious activity on your social security number and it has been suspended..."-- I am quite thankful that I am NOT gullible... I'm sorry I don't know who this is; because I would call the Nassau District Attorney's office on their ass in a moments notice... Watch out folks; desperate times, desperate scams!!! 04.03.2019
Neutral Called saying my ss# is suspended due to suspicious activity, Scam Alert!! 04.03.2019
Neutral Received 2 voice messages saying they were calling from the Social Security Administration and they were suspending my social security number due to suspicious activity. Then instructed me to enter 1 to get more information. Of course I couldnt because it was a voice mail. They called again and I was able to answer the phone and selected the 1 and got a woman who put me on hold, then after 1 minute I was cut off. Got another call from the -2843 number and got a fax screech. Pretty sure a scam. 04.03.2019
Neutral SS Administration to inform me they suspended my SS number. If only it was that easy. LOL 05.03.2019
Neutral Got the same type call as the last few people telling me that my SS # was being suspended. Can you suspend a SS#?! LOL..I am pretty sure it's not handled that way if it is legitimate. I was told to click #1 and I did just to see what would happen and got hung up on. I called the number back and it was some Hair Club or something that had nothing to do with Social Security and the girl said they would report this. I am pretty certain some scammers are using this # as an outbound # but have nothing to do the actual business that has this phone #. 06.03.2019
Neutral Automated call from 1 866 404-6397 / 6329 / 6245 saying that my SSN had been suspended. and asked me to press 1. I did that and they hang up. 06.03.2019
Neutral 866-404-6478 Scammer says calling from social security administration, hung up abruptly after my questions 11.03.2019
Neutral Caller said that my SSN suspended due to suspicious activity (Scam call) reported and to press one to get more information 14.04.2019

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