Phone Number:+1 (888) 585-8679

This number is read as "-one (-eight-eight-eight-) -five-eight-five--eight-six-seven-nine-"
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Neutral This man claims to be with Apex, he has called my daughter and my home. When I ask what he is calling for he gives me the run around and wants me to call another number. When I call that number that want me to verify my information before I can talk to anyone with authority. I refused and they refused. If you are calling my number then it's your responsibility to tell me why you are calling or stop wasting my time. Scam - Fraud. 15.02.2019
Neutral A Dominic Harper calls from a private #, leaves a message for someone that is not me and leaves a voicemail listing a different 888 #. 05.03.2019
Neutral "Dominic Harper" continues to call my cell and my elderly mother's cell and home phone, He is rude and threatening. He won't say what company or "firm" he is with, but states a complaint has been made against me and gives a "case number". Tells me to call "the firm" 855-439-8647. He gives no further information, but is continually asking for my dob, address, and last four of social. This guy has tried this with me multiple times over the last couple of years. I finally had an attorney check it out. SCAM, SCAM, SCAM. 27.03.2019
Neutral I have also had Dominick Harper continually calling my cell phone number and is very intimidating and rude He keeps saying that he has a complaint in his office under my name and threatens to take legal action against me.. Where are the authorities in all of this and why haven't they busted him yet? 03.04.2019
Neutral He calls acting like he's some big important employee of a company trying to deliver some bogus legal documents, and acts like they already tried delivering but the person wasn't home, this # 855-439-8647 needs to be under investigation for falsified info & tryin to get your personal info. Report them to authorities there on to them its sad they can't make money the real way earning it & not stealing I'm saddened to kno they sleep at night without feeling bad for the way they live there pathetic desperate lives. 12.04.2019
Neutral The number is 855 436 8498.. gave a case number and said they was from a hospital and that i would be served and that a judge will put me.on jail if i the amount owed.. when i told.him my husband works for the fbi.. she freaking shut up... its a scam people please dont fall for it.. aint no one gonna tell u that kind of info.. please please be aware of these ass holes 30.04.2019
Neutral also called my phone about a complaint and legal action... the reason i know its a scam is because theres no debt and no mailings in the mail and they first went to look for me from my ex that hasnt had anything to do with me really for 10 + years so this number is bull. 09.05.2019
Neutral This guy left the same kind of message on my cell phone, The caller ID showed the number was withheld,I don't answer any number I don't know.; This is a SCAM! 15.07.2019
Neutral Received 2 calls within 30 minutes from Dominic Harper at 947.517.8595 that wants me to contact him at 855.722.-691 regarding some complaint. Didn't bother to call him back after reading the earlier posts here.. 23.08.2019
Neutral Says there is a complaint filed with his firm that may result unfavorably for me if I don't contact him at 888-208-4416. Definitely a low-life scammer.. 04.09.2019
Neutral My brother keeps getting calls for this same thing for me. When asked to verify all my personal info I told them they should have it if they were praying legal action. Theu started give me lip action so I hung up. 19.09.2019

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