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This number is read as "-one (-eight-eight-eight-) -six-eight-eight--zero--seven-zero--nine-"
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Dangerous This number is a Reseach firm. 04.10.2018
Neutral I did not answer and read the comments here above. I blocked them. There is a Panasonic telephone allowing you to block bothering callers, up to 150 of them. This is worth the peace of mind. 26.11.2018
Neutral i received a call at 11:30 this morning-the first- while i was NAPPING as i am on disability; no message was left 04.12.2018
Neutral One day I will find this CUNT and fuck them up the a$$ 04.12.2018
Neutral Are they connected to ADAPT Learning because I got multiple calls from them this morning and one from EKOS yesterday? I don’t know what they want from me? I'm on vacation and want to sleep! 06.12.2018
Neutral Why are they calling me. It’s a waste of their time because I never answer to people I don’t know. If it’s something important they can leave a message. 17.01.2019
Neutral This is EKOS research founded by Frank Graves , Ottawa. I am trying to find his personal number so that I/we can take multiple turns calling him and return the favour that his company is doing in calling me and others. If someone knows his number please share and we can let the b=------ appreciate why we do not appreciate all the calls we are getting ffrom him. 22.01.2019
Neutral Please stop calling me, I do not pick up and it gets very annoying 17.02.2019
Neutral Ekos Research 1-888-688-0709 called my cell 8:28 PM Newfoundland time, I ignored it, not sure what they want but they are being blocked 27.02.2019
Neutral Why are these nutcases always calling me. I am blocking them out. STOP YOU BONEHEADS 07.03.2019
Neutral They are the same phone number as RDF recover debt . place. Just changed their name on the caller ID They will call up to 50 X per day, plus let it ring 30-50 X, So no other calls can get through. It must be legal for them to harass daily for 20 years. 16.03.2019
Neutral I have been receiving a call almost every day. They don't leave a message. It's been very annoying. If this is for real research, I would expect them to leave a message to let me know why they are calling and how I can help them. Then, provide me with the options to either call them or go online etc... THEY ARE BLOCKED NOW! 07.05.2019
Neutral A number of calls from these pricks, when I complained by email all I got was a rude reply the CRTC can't stop them because they are exempt. If your fed up give this idiot a email, he's the president of the company FRank Graves [email protected] 08.06.2019
Neutral I want to know how these guys got my number to begin with.. which company did I trust with my info that sold me out?? No rules for telesoliciting just adds up to more infringement on my Canadian rights.. sad.. 02.07.2019
Neutral they are bastards 02.07.2019
Neutral Asking about whether the current Government is doing a good job as a host of other questions being asked by an automated service. No time for such nonsense, a waste of tax payer dollars. Blocked said number 13.07.2019
Neutral Thick Turkish accent you have won a cruise 08.08.2019
Neutral Interesting perspective, but I recently changed my number. Only when I updated it with CIBC did the calls start (again).. This happened in the past and became so bad that I just changed numbers. Easier than filing a police report and actually works, but good to know where it's coming from. 08.08.2019
Neutral fuckin idiots 16.08.2019
Neutral They have called at least 4 times in the last four weeks. They want to know all kinds of personal information such as age, education level, income etc. None of their business or the political parties who hire them so they can manipulate minions to vote for them. . Called to leave a message that they never call me again. 04.09.2019
Neutral Call me today didn't answer and block the caller no time to waste 15.09.2019
Neutral EKOS on call display Survey done by computer? 16.09.2019
Neutral These scumbags have been bothering us a lot. I found out it’s some low life outfit from Ottawa called Ekos. Blocked these dirtbags. Don’t answer your phone. 26.09.2019
Neutral Please do not call; not interested!! 27.09.2019
Neutral Stop calling. It is annoying 04.10.2019
Neutral Left message re voting for federal election. None of their business. 16.10.2019
Neutral just called..... Oct. 28..... hung up when I would not give them personal info. Removed my phone # from their list. 28.10.2019
Neutral Called me 3 times this week. They left me a voicemail for the first time and asking me to press keys to answer their survey on "who's the most known canadian" or some shi*. Blocked the number. 05.11.2019
Neutral I see this number on my cell phone several times who ever they are should stop and get a really job like mostly of us . 07.11.2019
Neutral Got a call from the. Today, when I answered no one was there. I just hung up. If it continues they will be blocked. 06.12.2019
Neutral So annoying! Have been non stop calling me and woke me up tonight at 8::30 I have finally blocked them!! 06.12.2019
Neutral Ekos Telemarketer research- effect on mental health due to social media- BLOCK THESE CALL 11.12.2019
Neutral I haven't answered the call yet but nobody I know knows the number. This is usually when I search it up, but I've waited thinking it will stop. It's doesn't. Every day, sometimes multiple times, they call me. Next time they call I'll pick up. This is tiring. 19.12.2019
Neutral started a few days ago, these folks need to get out of the business of disturbing people and stop interrupting. our life. these are nuisance calls. I agree with all others comments. BLOCK THESE CALLS 04.01.2020
Neutral Calling at 8:45 at night , also in the mornings. I’m so tired of the nuisance calls and double numbers. 16.01.2020
Neutral The calls started recently and they have been calling daily. They have been pestering both my personal phone and house phone, which is bothering my friends who I share my house with. It is quite frankly creeping me out and I’m quite tempted to call emergency services and file a report of sorts 22.01.2020
Neutral This number has called me twice in last few days - around 8:30 pm - I ignored the first calls and tonight I blocked them after reading through these comments when I checked out the number 04.02.2020
Neutral Stop calling me 05.02.2020
Neutral Got a call on my mobile from this number with EKOS Research on caller ID. Answered, but it went dead. Not sure it's a legitimate call from this company. They number may have been spoofed. 11.02.2020
Neutral For new viewers on here, Just add your cell number to the usual “Do not cal” Idk who these are but The UCP keeps calling me but doesn’t use an official phone number and doesn’t leave a message about who they are, So I had to find out that info out on these typed of sites, So anyways, Yes political parties and charities are exempt from the list, But they do have their own “do not call list” that you have to request to be put on separately. 13.02.2020
Neutral Missed call from this number... no message .. these people are annoying .. 14.02.2020

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