Phone Number:+1 (888) 720-0333

This number is read as "-one (-eight-eight-eight-) -seven-two-zero---zero--three-three-three-"
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Neutral I wish I had saw these comments yesterday. These people are evil. They scammed me out of over $10,000. Claimed my phone was hacked & Apple ID was being used in China & Miami. 27.11.2018
Neutral This number is a scam 11.01.2019
Neutral So I had an issue with my paypal account so since I was driving I quickly looked up paypal number and this number popped up. An indian man answered very quickly and asked me for my paypal info so he asked me to verify my email and my fone number so I gave him that info, then asked me to give him some digits that he was going to send to my phone so once I received the numbers, I gave them to him, then he told me my PayPal account (once he had total access to my account, he reviewed it) and told me it was locked due to some issues with the sender, which he then told me it was going to take 6 months to get back, then he told me if i needed the funds asap I could go to the store and buy a gift card of $100 and give him the numbers on the back of the purchase card so then i KNEW i HAD GIVEN A SCAMMER ALL MY INFO. I hung up and i soon as I hung up I got an email saying I had changed my PayPal account. I immediately reseted my password and now im on the lookout for any suspicious activity. 25.01.2019
Neutral The exact same thing just happened to, your story sounds just like mine, I just reset all my password info 20.02.2019
Neutral Scammer hacker. I found this number after I googled Paypal Customer Service. I called this number after I found out that I had sent money using the wrong email to a family in another state. After I called, I could not access my Paypal account and they provided me with a password code "secure123" that I used and then I had access to my Paypal account. Then this person told me that my paypal account had been compromised and that someone got approved with a 5k loan and the money had been disbursed but I had the chance to have it returned if I bought a $500 and $100 Google Play Cards, which I stupidly did. Please be aware of these hackers. They had access to my Paypal account and could see all the bank accounts that I had linked into Paypal. Because I did buy the cards under this pressure Google has not liability or does not return back any money, after the cards are scratched, which I did and provided with the 16 digits code number. Be aware!!!! 25.02.2019
Neutral I gave them $1000 on google play cards they tried to be paypql!! 05.03.2019
Neutral I was just scammed for $1100 :( I cannot believe I was stupid enough to fall for this. 27.03.2019

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