Phone Number:+1 (888) 769-2598

This number is read as "-one (-eight-eight-eight-) -seven-six-nine--two-five-nine-eight-"
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Neutral I have also been receiving numerous calls on my cell phone from varying 800 numbers and they don't leave messages. 21.03.2019
Neutral I have stopped answering. (And started blocking numbers!) Because they "own" many toll-free numbers (usually sequential), I block one, and the next number calls.. These calls come in and *immediately* start speaking Chinese or Mandarin (?) Not 100% sure because I speak NO Asian. (I speak English, French, and some Spanish.) I have found the numbers to be associated with HSBC, Chinese Consulate, etc. I do not have any problem with other cultures, but SOMETHING needs to be done about (Telemarketing) calls WITHIN CANADA that start speaking or leaving messages in a foreign language!!! I realize we have a lot of cultures here, but since we are IN Canada, START with English! (Better yet, stop telemarketing calls. They are annoying in any language, but in a language other than a English (in North America), is disrespectful, rude, and downright obnoxious! 27.03.2019
Neutral Regular calls, all Chinese, I no longer answer them. 28.03.2019
Neutral It is a scam!!! not from RBC. I just did the search, they have a web page almost EXACTLY like the RBC Bank but you can see the web address bar stated as 'not secure' website. I did not pick up the phone call, as I do understand Chinese, all I can say this is a scam not telemarketing. All they want is to call a random number and hopefully someone release his/her bank information to them. P 28.03.2019
Neutral This is scammer spoofing the RBC phone number in Caller-ID. The message is in mandarin with some music playing in the background. It's an automated message claiming to be from RBC and that they will close your account and you need to push 1 to talk to them. They are obviously trying to target new comers who don't speak English. 14.04.2019

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