Phone Number:+1 (951) 848-4349

This number is read as "-one (-nine-five-one-) -eight-four-eight--four-three-four-nine-"
+1 (951) 848-4349 is registered in the state California, USA
The telephone number of +1 (951) 848-4349 was registered on 27.09.2018 at 12:56:14 and viewed 15 times in total
There are 4 comments on this phone. 3 of the comments were positive, 2 were negative, and 5 were unclear.
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Neutral They don't lb msg and can't call th back nuisance calls!!!! 16.10.2018
Neutral SCAM / BLOCK # 08.11.2018
Neutral Why can't there be something done about these calls!!!!!! 17.11.2018
Neutral Called but left no message. I've been getting a lot of calls with Spanish-speaking people leaving messages. No number is the same. Also getting calls with the number being registered out of Mexico. What the hell is going on? Clearly this is a scam call. 20.11.2018
Neutral Someone has used a phone with the number 951-848-4349 has called my cellphone a total of three times 21.11.2018
Neutral Called cell phone - promoting a scam. 13.12.2018
Neutral Called while I was at work Kept trying to call back but same as others Till i decided to search the number 17.12.2018
Neutral calling many times leaves no message 02.02.2019
Neutral I answered & could hear a call center ambiance in the background, The caller did not say anything until I said Hello a second time. Then a woman with a heavy Spanish accent, asked, "Um... Spanish... You speak, ah Spanish?" I hesitated, then said to her (in perfect English), "I'm sorry, I don't speak English." I sensed confusion on the other end of the line, followed by a click. 04.02.2019
Neutral This Riverside VOIP number attempted an unlawful contact, but left no message on the answering machine. Robocallers and other predators often do this, so it's best to LET YOUR ANSWERING DEVICE TAKE THEIR PATHETIC CALLS. 08.02.2019
Neutral Dont answer there are scammer .....idiots 11.02.2019
Neutral This person called me a couple of time until I was finally able to answer. He spoke Spanish and although I do too, I answered in English and he then hung up.. I attempted to call back to see why he hung up, but it went directly to a "full" mailbox. If is definitely some sort of scam so I have blocked it now. 15.02.2019
Neutral I let it go to vm, but they did not leave a message. I blocked my number and called them back, but the message said the vm was full. I then blocked their number. 25.02.2019
Neutral Caller did not answer until my second hello. Male speaking English with heavy Spanish accent called to inquire about my cable provider. 05.03.2019
Neutral DO NOT PICK UP/ Scam, I've blocked the (951) number, but sneaky, sneaky...I'm still getting their calls. 07.03.2019
Neutral Tis number called today. 18.03.2019
Neutral This number called me today @ 720pm asked if I spoke Spanish, I do but I said I didn’t. They said bye after I stated I didn’t speak Spanish. 20.03.2019
Neutral I answered and no response but sounded like a call center. I said hello again and a man responded "buenos tardes". I understood what he said but said hello again as I don't speak much Spanish. He responded with "whatever" & hung up. 25.03.2019
Neutral Because our country prefers invaders over U.S. citizens. 25.03.2019
Neutral Called me three times in a row. Answered the third call and when I said “hello?” he said “hello.” So I said “HELLO?” and he said “buenos tardes”. When I said “who is this?” he asked (in perfect English with no accent) if I spoke Spanish. I said no and he said “okay whatever just forget it bye” and hung up on me. 26.03.2019
Neutral My IPhone says I had completed calls with this number. I did not and called Verizon security to make a record of this number. It is a VOIP non-fixed number which is oner the internet and a scammers type number. What is weird is that theycalled 2 days ago and Verizon doesn't show they called. 27.03.2019
Neutral Missed several phone calls from this number. No VM left, but says mailbox is full. I will be blocking this number after reading the comments. 08.04.2019
Neutral Called around 4pm but my screening app. Labeled it as potential scam/telemarketing call. 11.04.2019
Neutral Ok mine is a lot creepier that everyone else. After I said, "hello, it sounded like several people talking and I had to ask them "what?" like 5 times then the caller "you probably think this is funny huh?" Clear as day with no real decernable accent. 17.04.2019
Neutral They have called at least 10 different phone numbers in my office today. Speaking spanish, sometimes male sometimes female. We're all very confused. 24.04.2019
Neutral So, mexicans that only scam mexicans? Doubtful. Not sure what the goal is but I have a few guesses. I know one thing, im tired of of all these mexicans and Indians calling me. 25.04.2019
Neutral guy called when I answered in English, guy said fk off and hung up ….. 27.04.2019
Neutral Guy looking for other Gays call him, he she is waiting for a hard time LOL 01.05.2019
Neutral This number called me today. I said hello and a woman started babbling to me in Spanish, immediately hung up. Go figure! 02.05.2019
Neutral There was no noise because I missed the call. I called it back and it said the mailbox was full add couldn't accept any more calls. 03.05.2019
Neutral scum of the earth 07.05.2019
Neutral S C A M M E. R S 08.05.2019
Neutral I answered and they said something in Spanish. Told them they had the wrong number, they said ok and hung up 08.05.2019
Neutral Several calls...I do not pick up. But the same number as listed. 10.05.2019
Neutral G. S. San Diego, Ca. I didn't answer. l don't respond if I don't recognize or expect the call. 14.05.2019
Neutral scam 20.05.2019
Neutral Who is this caller??? 24.05.2019
Neutral Scam call to cell phone - do NOT answer! 08.06.2019
Neutral This number called me too! A lady spoke Spanish and I acted like I didn’t understand Spanish! She said I have the wrong number in Spanish and hung up! Then they called my husbands phone which his number ends with 5 and mine is almost the same except ends with 6! We didn’t answer it though. 12.06.2019
Neutral Recieved a call to the Company # oferring cable directo TV service. Told them they were calling a company hung up. A day after got a call to my cell with the same lies, followed the fools gave them complete fake information the asked for, followed the game. Agreed to there lies. And 10 minutes later they called giving me promotion again, probably forgot to cross my # off the list. Be careful they have been calling 559 area #'s in Madera Fresno central Valley area 21.06.2019

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