Phone Number:+1 (954) 938-0303

This number is read as "-one (-nine-five-four-) -nine-three-eight--zero--three-zero--three-"
+1 (954) 938-0303 is registered in the state Florida, USA
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Neutral Whoever this jerk is so obnoxious. Calls home phone & asks for Dad. When I ask who’s calling, doesn’t say anything. I know they’ still there when no dial tone. They’ve called & I’ve hung up. We also get a notice in the mail 22.02.2019
Neutral got a call from this number. male caller was very rude. Selling extended warranties on vehicles. hang up! 26.02.2019
Neutral A woman calls from this number (954)938-0303. She asks for the owner of our Toyota vehicle. She claims to be with the "licensed national underwriter" for the warranty on our Toyota. I asked what company. She said, "the licensed national underwriter." I said, "Okay, what company?" She became agitated and said loudly, "THE LICENSED NATIONAL UNDERWRITER." I said, "I heard you....with WHAT COMPANY?" She disconnected the line. This was definitely not a legitimate call/company. Beware! 03.05.2019
Neutral Since I don't know anyone in Ft. Lauderdale, I just picked up and listened without saying anything. Neither did the caller, so it was probably a robocall. It turned itself off after a few seconds. 28.05.2019
Neutral I never answer unfamiliar numbers, especially when I see Unknown Name on my Caller ID. 05.06.2019
Neutral I don't answer phone calls from unknown numbers, and seeing as I know no one in Florida, let alone Ft. Lauderdale I didn't pick up. Whoever called from this number didn't let the call ring for too long, nor did they leave a voicemail/message. Based off other complaints I'm going to assume it was a scam caller. 05.07.2019
Neutral Was called by this # - no message was left - so I called the # back and it is disconnected. I have had several calls though about extended warranties for my car. It is definitely a scam. Or rather a "parasite". 05.07.2019
Neutral We sent Vinnie the "Moose" over to "talk" to them. No more calls since then. 13.08.2019
Neutral I got a call from this number and since I always let my answering machine pick up , they asked for my daughter and when no one answered , they stayed on until the answering machine hung up 17.09.2019
Neutral Female caller asked for me by name and said since I hadn't responded to mail, this was my last chance to receive extended car warranty. I said: Good and she hung up. 30.09.2019
Neutral 'Courtney Smith' said that she was from the warranty department. Ms. Smith asked for me by name and asked 'if I could hear now." When I did not answer, she hung up. Have had several calls from the 'warranty department.' 30.10.2019
Neutral Very Rude woman called and claimed she was authorized by Ram/Dodge as an underwriter for vehicle warranty coverage. I asked her to confirm the contract number I currently have with RAM purchased via the dealership. She quickly said she could not hear me and would call back, Have not heard back from her. 01.11.2019
Neutral Number called and asked for me personally. Didn’t recognize number. Asked for my first and last name. 21.11.2019
Neutral This person keeps calling. I don’t know anyone from Ft. Lauderdale. The only ones I know are in Naples. 23.12.2019
Neutral 1/10/2020 @ 10:52 a.m. received call from 954 938-0303. I didn't answer phone as I don't know anyone in Ft Lauderdale & they left no msg.. I've registered home phone & both mine & .my husband's cell phones on the DO NOT CALL REGISTRY... have been on it for over a year sooo tell me why/how do these people (scammers) ignore that fact & how do they get around it. I've never done business with that number nor have i ever called it!!! I dont care to play games with them by answering phone - except to tell them since im on tge DO NOT CALL REGISTRY& since I've never done business with them; never called them they are in Violation... considered harassment!! I hope the government can stop all this scamming going on especially if one's on their Do Not Call Registry!! Stop this madness!! 10.01.2020
Neutral Well, it's 29th, January, 2020 & I reported the last post above on this website on 10th January, 2020 regarding the same number!! They called today @3:39 p.m. 1/29/2020! As before, I never answered the call & they hang up AFTER a few rings. I'm sure they will be calling again, & again & again!! Just one person wrote on 10 Oct, 2018... no manufacturer will extend warranty and if you actually pay money through the dealership b4 your original warranty runs out then & ONLY then will you extend it. Scammers get info off where ever & try to catch an unsuspecting person who actually falls for their BS line!! Again, I'm on the DO NOT CALL REGISTRY so WHY I ask can't something be done about these scammers once ppl report the same number over & over again?!!! Foolish to keep reporting & nothing gets done! Waste of my time!!! 29.01.2020
Neutral hay butch go moose your self 30.01.2020
Neutral hay butch moose this 30.01.2020
Neutral hay butch moose off 30.01.2020
Neutral Didn’t pick up as I don’t answer calls from unrecognized numbers. Listened for message. Sounds of a busy background (like a call center..) but no one spoke. A woman just yawned obnoxiously and hung up. 13.02.2020

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